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Stage 212 is always wanting to enlist all aspects of the creative arts within our productions. Even if your talents may not be singing, dancing or acting, 212 loves to be an outlet to express your talents. The list below are areas that we frequently need assistance. If you or anyone you may know can lend a hand in any of the following areas, please contact our Business Manager at 815.224.3025 or e-mail us at



Each show brings something different in terms of costume design. While we do have an extensive costume closet, many things need alterations, mending, and then theres shows where we need a whole costume set built. Each director or costume head requires something different fro each show.



These sets don't build themselves! Each show requires a new set, and we are always looking for new talent to come in and help in the process of building the wonderful sets that we have had in the past and plan on for the future. 



If your talent happens to be more on the artistic side, 212 is always looking for set designers/painters, scenic designers/ painters and prop coordinators and creators to join in the family. 



Stage 212 usually produces at least two musicals per year. 212 is always looking for accompanists, along with each member of the pit/band/orchestra. If you are a musician who would like to lend your talents, we would love to get you involved in our productions at the theater!



Not interested in being in front of an audience? Were always looking for help in tech! These positions don't require previous experience, but we always  love to have more people with natural inclinations to take on the following technical aspects of our productions: 


-Lighting Design

-Sound Design

-Lighting Operator

-Sound Operator

-Stage Managers

-Stage Hand Assistance

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