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Welcome to the space especially for our Season Subscribers! 

From here, you can easily access our online ticket reservation system.  Make sure to locate your "special price code" before you begin.

Also, remember that your code is only viable for the dates indicated for Angels and Seasons Pass Holders.

Instructions for Making Online Reservations

1. Click the link below that will take you to the ticketing system.

2. Begin by entering the email address that we have on file for your account to log in.

3. Your information should auto-fill. Verify it and click to continue.

4. Choose the event you wish to reserve seats for.

5. Choose the date and time of your event.

6. Choose your seats, including any extra cash seats you are purchasing.

7. You will notice that the seats are all full price.  Be sure to enter your code and then click the blue box to apply the code.  This will provide a dropdown menu to the right of the ticket prices with an arrow/triangle.  Click on that and choose the $0.00 price for the number of tickets that you have passes for and the full price for your additional seats.  The system will not allow you to progress until you change those cash prices.

8. The final page is the summary page and where you can enter your credit card information if you are buying additional seats.  You can also choose to have tickets held or emailed to you.

9. You should not stop until you get the Congratulations message.

10. You should receive a confirmation email after you complete the transaction, this is how you will know that your order went through.



You must first LOGIN using your e-mail address and then you will have early access to purchase tickets.  Login FIRST.

If you are having difficulty with your promo-code, please call 815.224.3025 for assistance.
DO NOT use your credit card for seats you should be getting without a charge. 
We cannot refund your money if you mistakenly pay for seats online.


Adopted 3/11/2019

All event tickets are non-refundable. Season subscribers and Angel passholders may reschedule to an earlier performance pending availability.

Tickets and Receipts

Please note that you will receive an emailed receipt that resembles this:

Check your SPAM folder if you are having trouble locating the emails!

If you choose to have your tickets emailed to you, they will resemble the graphic below.  It is not necessary to print them out, you may simply go straight to the head usher and show the tickets on your phone.

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