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We do rent out our facility!  We have hosted beauty school graduations, meetings and lectures, concerts, celebrations, awards ceremonies and other groups’ productions.  The major factor in our availability is TIMING. We have small windows of opportunity between our own productions when there is not a set on our stage and we do our best to make use of the “down time”. Occasionally, if your need is such that the curtains can be closed to cover whatever is going on behind the front curtain and you can conduct your event from the lip of the stage, then our facility is more flexible in accomidating your needs.


Our basic facility rental is a one day fee of $500 with additional charges for janitorial, ushers, bar service, etc.  If you were seeking to rent just one particular area of the building, for instance, the lobby or the upstairs rehearsal room, then we could negotiate a deal.


Contact our Business Manager at 815-224-3025 or  to discuss what you are planning and we will certainly strive to accommodate you.

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