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People often ask, if the actors and staff of our productions are not being paid, where does the money from our ticket sales go?  The first place is our annual operating expenses. After that the funds are generally budgeted into our productions. From there what is left over is placed aside to invest in our venue.  


Over the years Stage 212 has been very fortunate to have been able to make a big move from the rented space at “The Dom Ballroom” to acquiring the residence of the Manahan Center at 700 1st Street. While the days of building a stage a week before a performance are over, the expenses to keep bringing the Illinois Valley a quality theater experience in our current home are not.  


Throughout our time at the Manahan Center, there have been some big undertakings, the first being to transform the double movie-plex into a stage theater, and just recently with the remodel of the exterior and interior lobby.  Unfortunately, unexpected financial decisions do occur, such as replacing our entire roof, which was leaking in more than a few areas. 


The list you see below are plans and projects for the future. We have always appreciated any and all donations that encourage us meet our plans to enrich our community in the arts. 




We graciously accept memorial gifts given in honor of a loved one.  Consider designating Stage  212 as a beneficiary the next time you are giving a memorial gift.

You can support our mission with a tax-deductible gift today! All gifts support our not-for-profit programs, including Education, Building rennovations and our General Fund. 

We are also more than happy to accept monetary donations via check. Please make checks payable to Stage 212 Inc. Donations can be sent to:


Stage 212 Inc. 

P.O. Box 198

LaSalle, Il. 61301




The Jim Jewell Auditorium has housed over 100 shows in the past nearly 20 years of 212's shows, with little renovation from the original movie theater layout. While there have been small changes to the space, for example, paint color and the addition of our sound booth at the rear of the theatre, there have been no major changes to the overall appearance and functionality of the auditorium.  

We are hoping to have a complete renovation plan announced after our 50th Anniversary Season, but we project that renovations will be a costly endeavor.





The next area of remodeling would be both the public and cast restrooms. These areas of the theater have not been changed since before we took ownership of the building. The major plan is to re-tile the mens blue and the womens pink tiling along with new vanities and stalls. 
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