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Natalie Smigel
5 days ago

So who remembers some of the antics that took place during Little Shop of Horrors in regards to the dentist's chair? Upside down what?
Glen Gerrard
Oct 29

Along with being asked to design the set for Cabaret, Director Bob Estrin had cast me as the M. C. which I quickly turned down, mostly because I felt I was too tall after seeing what Joel Gray did wi
Glen Gerrard
Sep 25

I was fresh out of the Army in the spring of 1972 when Bob Estrin asked me to design the set for Cabaret which would be Stage 212's fourth production in late summer. Like everyone who leaves the serv
Glen Gerrard
Aug 24

I had been very much involved in five of the last eight shows, having designed and built sets for West Side Story, Wait Until Dark, and A Chorus Line , and playing a leading role in The Sunshine Boy
Glen Gerrard
Aug 23

When it's nearing "Crunch" time getting ready for a show to open, night takes on a whole different meaning when you realize that there are still many things you want to get done, and the cl
Rachel Elizabeth
Jul 25

I had an opportunity to act at Stage 212 during my last spring before I moved away. I even landed a lead on my first try. I played Susan in 2012's Don't Drink the Water. I can say I've never had more
Glen Gerrard
Jul 9

After Dan Martinkus decided to direct the 1983 summer musical, he had his staff in place except for one position. I don't recall if the original Costume Designer had to withdraw, but knowin
Natalie Smigel
Nov 7

During the Dom era, The Wheel of Fortune bar was our clubhouse. However, all good things must come to an end. At Jack's retirement party, we were out in full force. Someone got the bright idea that
Glen Gerrard
Oct 21

It was a long climb to reach the Dom Ballroom when Stage 212 was renting it for our productions. It had been built around the turn of the 20th century as a gathering place by area residents of Sl
Caryn Brown
Sep 20

I was bit by the bug in 4th grade. I was told by a friend that they were going to do the show A Christmas Carol. I loved singing and dancing and just being the center of attention. Her mom brought me
Aug 23

As part of Stage 212's 50th Anniversary celebration, we would love for you to flood our wesbite with the stories, images and videos of the tales that define your 212 expiriences both on-stage and off.
Lori Christopherson
Aug 21

That waa my very first Stage 212 experience. I saw a full page ad in the Newspaper announcing Stage 212's 15th Anniversary Season. I walked into the Dom....i did not know anyone! I had so many butter
Glen Gerrard
Jul 20

Natalie Smigel
Jul 24, 2018

We would be remiss if we did not share some information on the namesake of our auditorium with those that came after. Jim Jewell was an instructor at IVCC for many, many years. Seemed like any name
Glen Gerrard
Nov 5

I've heard about many nominations for the worst show in Stage 212's history, but to me, My Three Angels was the true winner. It's only redeeming quality was the wonderful grass hut interior desi
Neal Phelps
Oct 15

It was my second time directing at 212, but my first big undertaking, and I was 19 years old. I decided that I wanted to do WEST SIDE STORY for our winter 2008 production, and with some hessitation, t
Matt Gerding
Aug 25

I had been depressed and at a very low point in my life. I had gotten so low that suicide seemed like the only option. I got myself prepared and went about ending my life. Luckily I was unsuccessful i
Aug 23

Way back in olden times there was a production of Jesus Christ Superstar. I played both an apostle and a leper as well as various singing pieces of human scenery. One solo line I had to sing as a lepe
Aug 16

Glen Gerrard
Jul 10

ON BORROWED TIME... 1987 I had worked on stage with Jim Jewell many times before I was fortunate to be directed by him for several shows. He epitomized my concept of a great director, and
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