Stage 212 is currently seeking directors for Winter, Spring, and Summer slots of the 2023 season. We are looking for well-known, highly recognizable shows for all three slots.

Submissions for the Winter and Spring slots should be comedies or dramas. Submissions for the Summer slot should be family-friendly musicals, preferably with children in the cast. 

Stage 212 will consider all submissions, including repeats of past shows, but only if they have not been performed at Stage 212 in the last 15 years. 

A history of our past productions can be found by clicking here:

All applicants must complete and submit
1 Director's Resume (App) & 2 Show Application
Please click below to complete both

Applications are due by February 10, 2022.

A final selection will be made for recommendation to the Management Board of Stage 212 in March of 2022. 

Questions can be emailed to -

Stage 212 has been the Illinois Valley's community theatre since 1968 and welcomes anyone interested in participating in a stage production, regardless of previous experience.