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Dear Edwina, Jr.

Directed by Karly Swords


Tickets are $10


Thursday August 15th at 7:00pm

Friday August 16th at 7:00pm

Saturday August 17th at 1:00pm

Saturday August 17th at 7:00pm

Sunday August 18th at 1:00pm

Tickets go on sale August 5th



This is a show for kids by kids! As part of our children's performing arts enrichment program, we are delighted to present our annual summer children's production.

Don't miss out on the hard work that our kids have put into this production-

they are the future of the performing arts in the Illinois Valley!  




Partial funding for this production was received by 

The Arts of Starved Rock Country Fund.



Dear Edwina is a musical by Zina Goldrich (music) and Marcy Heisler (book and lyrics). A children's one-hour musical, it concerns a young girl who gives her neighborhood friends and family advice through singing in a musical show. It is set in the town of Paw Paw, Michigan (but also based on Deerfield, Illinois, where Marcy Heisler was born).

Thirteen-year-old Edwina Spoonapple has very talented siblings. But because of this, she thinks that she isn't special or talented. Yet Edwina has many talents including leadership, singing and advising, and she combines all of them by directing a weekly mini-musical out of her garage. The topic of these musicals is letters written to her by neighborhood kids who need advice. She gives them advice through songs and dances that she orchestrates with her friends. One of the main themes of Dear Edwina is Edwina's desire to be in the "Advice-a-palooza" festival because she feels it will prove that she is as talented as her siblings. This is all going on while Edwina's love interest, Scott, is trying to win her over. But, since Edwina is so concerned about her show, she doesn't care about Scott. Scott wins her heart by singing her a seductive love ballad as an impromptu performance on the show. The talent scout calls, and asks for Scott to perform at the festival, not Edwina. She is heartbroken when she runs into Katie Spoonapple, who has just run away from the Summer Math Olympics because she was getting made fun of by the other girls. She tells Katie not to listen to those kids, and to do what you love to do. Katie hugs her, and Edwina realizes that love is far more important than getting a prize.



Edwina Spoonapple – Nora Maier

Scott Knukle – Jaiden Allen

Becky Del Vecchio/ Periwinkle – Alecia Hodscher

Kelli Poshkonozovich/ Carrie – Ava Weatherford

Annie/ Aphrodite Swenson – Lainey Johns

Bobby /Ziggy – Andrew Beer

Billie Vanderploonk/ Abigail – Clara Vaske

Vladimir/ Farmer Jerry – Jaxon Schneider

Cheff Ludmilla – Emily Kmetz

Fairy Forkmother – Sarah Weisbrock

Susie/ Lola – Lilliana Cabrera

Mary Sue Betty Bob/Frank’s Ma – Ellissa Pelka

Frank – Dylan Kofoid

Cordell Vanderploonk – Adrian Silva

Lars Vanderploonk – Revin Essi

Katie Spoonapple – Gianna Mueller

Harry/ William – Gage Richey

Johnny – Mason Brannon

Queen of Boolah Boolah – Grace Wozek

Sonoma – Ursi Hauger




Leah Carter

Michaela Flashing

Madelyn Gross

Samantha Hicks

Sarah Huettemann

Jordin Indra

Mryacle Johnson

Ariana Lesman

Caitlin Traub

Connor Treest


The production staff sincerely thanks all who auditioned this weekend! We are excited to start this wonderful show with this wonderful cast of kids.

Our first rehearsal will be Monday, June 24 at 4:30.

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