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“Always A Bridesmaid”

Written by Jessie Jones, Nocholas Hope and James Wooten


Directed by Zoe Clover

Assisted by Joe Peshel

Produced by Larry Kelsey 


Perfromed April 17 - 26, 2015



Kari Ames -Bisette - Christin Mitchell

Libby Ruth Ames - Mary Black

Sedalia Ellicot - Maryhelen Bidasio

Monette Gentry - Natalie Smigel

Charlie Collins - Cyndy Bruch

Dedra Wingate - Kathy Hepner



Carol Hartenbower, Dan Hartenbower, Mike Kreush, Chris Martyn, Todd Harzhiem, Tristan Miller, Amber Clover, Gillian Clover, Joanie Eiberger, Matt Boehm, Kyle Foley, Angie Delphi, Jill Marti, Dixie Schroeder

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